Lift Chew Raspberry Gummies


Leave the fatigue, depression and moodiness to our Lift-Chew Gummies — a tasty, chewy snack laced with powerful strains. With 50mg THC per gummy, these deliver the characteristic, euphoric high, which mellows out to a relaxed sensation. The effect can last hours.

There’s no risk of lung irritation, no hassle of grinding weed or rolling up joints. Our gummies enable you to medicate quickly and discreetly.

WBUD works closely with suppliers to ensure that the best strains are incorporated into the gelatin. Our partners also prioritize taste. The result? You barely taste or smell the marijuana. Expect an accurate dosage for every batch of gummies too.


How to Enjoy Your Gummies

As a rule of thumb, we recommend taking a small piece of gummy and monitoring how the THC affects you. This allows you to gauge the dosage you can handle. Take note that the effects can take 45 minutes to an hour to manifest. Don’t be tempted to consume more gummies during the waiting period.

Some people won’t feel the effects of the THC right away; the psychoactive experience varies depending on your weight, metabolism, diet and cannabis tolerance. The potency also decreases if you eat the gummies with other types of food.



Strictly keep the gummies away from children and pets. If stored at room temperature, the gummies can last up to 3 months. If refrigerated, they can last a year.

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